Sunday, August 14, 2022

Two Worlds - Colossians 1:2

 In Christ...

The Colossian Christians lived in two worlds.  They physically lived in the city of Colossae, while spiritually, they were in Christ.

As Christians, we also live in two worlds.  We live in a physical location, but spiritually we are in Christ.  This only becomes a problem if we try to separate them.  Some Christians try to keep their 'natural' life separate from their 'spiritual' life.  This causes conflict and problems that our Father never intended us to have.  Like a divorce, this is separating what God has joined together.

God designed our 'natural' lives and our 'spiritual' lives to be a unity.  We are primarily spiritual creatures who are in the process of learning everything that means.  Our 'In Christ' lives are to envelop or saturate every other aspect of our lives.  When that happens, we are living whole; when we categorize our lives into different boxes, we are divided within ourselves.  As Jesus pointed out, a united house stands, and a divided house falls.  What kind of house are you?

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