Sunday, August 7, 2022

You Are Holy - Colossians 1:2

To God's holy people...

You are one of God’s holy people if you are a Christian.  Holiness is a characteristic of God.  It refers to His purity, majesty and glory.  God is perfectly holy.  

This is one reason satan likes to abuse and ridicule the term 'holy.'  He wants people to think it is boring, robs them of the good life, and is judgmental.  Even common expressions like 'sinfully delicious' and 'delightfully wicked' imply that sin is good and holy is bad.  We should expect nothing less from the father of lies.  

Being God's holy people basically means that we are separated to Him.  We are His special and chosen people to live in the light of His holiness.  Only here can we find true fulfillment and enjoyment of life.  It is what we were created for; it is how we were designed. We need to get out thinking about the holiness vs. sin issue realigned with reality.  

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