Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Love God's People - Col. 1:4

 ...and the love that you have for all God's people...

It is easy to love God.  After all, what is not to love?  And we can keep our love in a theoretical area, can convince ourselves that we love God and all is right with the world.  However, God is always practical, and He links our love for Him to several things - one of which is loving the rest of His family.  

God has an intense love for each of His children.  When we treat other Christians with disrespect, contempt, gossip about, or even ignore them, God sees it as how we treat Him.   Stop for a minute and think about how you treat that Christian that you don't get along with or dislike.  Is that the way you would treat Jesus?  In God's eyes, it is.

These Colossians had proven that they loved all God's people.  This is one of the things that Paul complimented them on.  We like things to fit our concept of 'spiritual,' but spirituality is practical, and if it's not practical, it's not true spirituality. 

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