Friday, October 28, 2022

Growth - Col. 1:6

 In the same way, the Gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world... Col. 1:6

Sometimes in Western society, we have a dismal view of the growth of the Gospel.  Much of our culture has rejected Christianity and is increasingly openly hostile to it.  Our 'Christian' nations no longer even pretend to be Christian.

Looking back at the beginning of Christianity, immediately after the resurrection of Jesus, only one nation in the entire world had any Light in it.  Even in that nation, only about 120 people had embraced the Truth.  From that small beginning - which was violently opposed by both the Jews and the Roman Empire - it has grown to be a 'religion' that is in every country in the world and has more adherents than any other religion.  It is estimated that about 80,000 people are saved every day.

Even though Christianity appears to be shrinking in the West, it is rapidly expanding in other parts of the world.  Iran is reputed to be where Christianity is growing the fastest.  I do not believe that persecution is the will of God, but He uses it for His purposes [See our course on Persecution on]. Certainly, it cannot stop the growth of Christianity.

Even in the United States, things have improved in many ways.  In the 1800s, one-fifth of all pregnancies were aborted; in many states, sexual consent was 9 or 10 years old, murder was common in the 'Old West,' women had virtually no rights, etc.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Col. 1:5

 ...about which you have already heard in the true message of the gospel that has come to you.

There are many false gospels - false ways of salvation - in the world.  There is only one true way to God and salvation.  Christianity presents the only true message.  The world thinks that such exclusiveness is pride and prejudice.  It would be if it wasn't true.  But when something is true, it is not pride to say so, although it can be displayed in a prideful way.  For example, to state that using bubble gum instead of nails or screws to hold studs together in a wooden frame is foolish is not a prideful statement, just an acknowledgment of facts.

In line with that, as Christians, we support the right of people to believe what they want.  We do not force people to believe what we do.  We present the truth, the choice to accept or reject it is theirs, and we honour their choice.  But respecting the choices of others does not mean we are saying they are correct, only that they have the right to believe what they want.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Writer's Resources

 I have just added a page that lists recourses to help you build your writing skills.  Writing seems simple until you try to do it.  Then th...