Friday, November 11, 2022

Teamwork - Col. 1:7

 You learned it first from Epaphras, our dear fellow servant...  Col. 1:7a

Paul was probably the greatest of the apostles.  He wrote the majority of the New Testament.  He had special revelation.  He needed a messenger from satan to keep him humble.  Yet we don't find him operating alone.  In the first verse, he acknowledges Timothy; here, he gives credit to Epaphras.  Paul worked with a team.  The Lone Ranger strategy is not Biblical, and it is dangerous.

No matter who we are, we need to be part of a team.  We need to be willing to give credit where credit is due, prefer others over ourselves, and value their ministry and contributions.  We need to have people who can speak into our lives.  Even Paul submitted what he was teaching to the other apostles to ensure he was on the right track.  It is so easy to be led astray if we don't have - or won't listen to - a team around us.  Everyone has something to give.  Let us appreciate and be thankful for the people God has put in our lives.

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