Thursday, December 1, 2022

Working For Christ - Col. 1:7

 ...who is a faithful minister of Christ on our behalf,

Epaphras was a faithful person, but it is essential that we be faithful to the right cause.  Many people push hard on causes damaging the kingdom of God.  Virtue is only valuable if used in a God-honour way.  

Epaphras knew that he was, first of all, serving Christ.  He was working on expanding God's kingdom for God's glory.  He did not have the 'Me and Jesus' attitude.  He was representing the ministry of Paul and his team as they ministered for Christ.  He was content to be a faithful servant.  God has made some people to be leaders under Christ, but He has made more people servants and assistants.  We need to be faithful in that role.  True leaders will grow through first being faithful servants, but not every faithful servant will develop into a leader.  That does not make them any less valuable.  A leader is hindered or helpless if he or she does not have trustworthy, reliable people around them.  

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