Sunday, March 5, 2023

A Revolutionary Book

 A revolutionary book is a book which promotes change and goes against ideas and practices that are generally accepted in a society or group of people within a society.  This can be good or back.  Ideas have consequences.  When people are convinced that the ideas are correct, they will attempt to put them into practice.  If the ideas are bad, the results are disastrous [i.e. socialism].  If the ideas are good, then they can bring about positive change.  As the Bible says, "a good tree brings forth good fruit, and a bad tree brings forth bad fruit."  Both are revolutionary, and both start with ideas.

One of the most positive revolutionary books I know is Institutes Of Biblical Law by R.J. Rushdoony.  This book takes the Bible seriously and seeks to understand the laws given by God in the Pentateuch and how they apply in modern society.  Reading this book opens a person's eyes to how far off-track our societies really are.  We begin to understand why we face the social problems and crimes that we do and what God's personal and national standards are.  Both non-Christians and many Christians hate or, at least, misunderstand God's Law and naturally dislike a book that honours and seeks to understand God's law.  

If understood and applied, this book would revolutionize our lives and our nations to the benefit of all.  I have developed a course based on the Institutes Of Biblical Law.  Part One is available now, and Part Two is currently being developed.  Don't miss this opportunity.  Check out Biblical Law I on today.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Friends And Enemies

 Books can be your best friends or your worst enemies.  As best friends, they entertain us with thrilling stories that can vicariously excite us or help us see the world through the eyes of a different person.  They can also inform or educate us on a variety of topics so that we can make informed decisions and understand the world around us a little bit better.

But they can also be vile enemies full of deceit and misinformation, which, if believed and acted on, will bring pain and destruction into our lives and the lives of others.  In my opinion, the writings of Charles Darwin fall into this category as they have laid the foundation for the promotion of evil, which has shipwrecked millions of lives to date and threatens to destroy Western Civilization.  Also, there are fiction books which play to our sinful nature and inspire both evil thoughts and actions.

So, choose your books wisely.  They can either build and enrich your life or destroy it.  The ultimate standard of Truth by which all things should be and will be judged is the Word of God, the Bible.

Writer's Resources

 I have just added a page that lists recourses to help you build your writing skills.  Writing seems simple until you try to do it.  Then th...