Saturday, May 6, 2023

Potty Words

In the last couple of Christian mystery novels that I have read by different authors, I have noticed an occasional 'potty' word creeping in, in particular, the 'c' word.  In all fairness, it only appears one - five times in the entire novel; however, I am wondering why it appears at all.

Is it because the Christian authors [and publishers/editors] talk that way themselves and so don't notice it? If so, why doesn't it occur more often?  Is it because they think other Christians talk that way, or such language is acceptable to them?  Again, if that is the case, why doesn't it occur more often.  Maybe they would like to use it more often but are afraid of losing readers?  In which case, why use it at all?   The authors obviously could use other words if they desired to do as, as they do in other parts of the novels.  'Tis a mystery.

Language is important and should be used to glorify God and uplift readers.

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