Wednesday, July 26, 2023

AI Art Work

 I am been experimenting a little with AI art programs.  You can see some of the results on the My Fiction page.  I have tried Stable Diffusion and Recraft, both allow you to try them for free.  I was impressed with the drawings, although they both have different strengths.  Stable Diffusion did spaceships better and Recraft did some excellent images of my cat character, Purr.  AI will never replace human artists.  For one thing, you give it general prompts and you get two to four images of what it thinks you want.  Although you can refine your request, it will never be the same as human collaboration to get exactly what you envisioned.  There are some things that AI [at least certain programs] have a problem with.  Hands are one thing - I ended up with both a three and six finger hand in different drawings.  Scissors also seemed throw AI for a loop.  As it 'learns' it will get better.

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